PULS Test for Vascular Plaque

By: Dr. Gary Huber

Posted 08/08/2022

The PULS test is a simple blood test will identify inflammatory markers coming from unstable vascular plaque. This is such an amazing new technology as it allows us to detect dangerous vascular plaque in the heart that is most likely to rupture and cause a heart attack. Everyone has some plaque buildup in the arteries of our body from years of poor diet, stress, pollution, and other inflammatory drivers. The biggest question is not whether you have plaque, you do, the question to answer is whether that plaque is STABLE (calcified) and unlikely to create a problem, or is that plaque angry, inflamed, and likely to rupture. A plaque that is inflamed is engaging an immune process where macrophages, one of your immune systems white cells, is trying to digest bad fats like man made corn oil. This inflammation creates a nasty central core in the plaque that emits cytokine signals. These signals enter the blood stream and can be measured by the PULS test.

MOST heart attacks, in fact roughly 70% of all heart attacks are due to these smaller fragile, inflamed plaques becoming so irritated that they rupture like a pimple popping, inside the blood vessel. This leads to a clot that then blocks or occludes the artery. Only 30% of all heart attacks are due to old hard plaque blocking the vessel. So by identifying this inflamed plaque we can then engage treatment to make it more stable and less irritated.

I spent 20 years as a board-certified emergency room physician and can tell you how devastating is it to have a heart attack. After your first heart attack your life expectancy goes to 5 years and 10 months and your life is never the same. So I am very excited to have this new technology that opens the door for us to detect the problem years before a heart attack might occur.

This test works well with the “Cleerly” technology that will actually show you visually how much of this low-density dangerous plaque you have. See my video discussing how cool and beneficial the Cleerly artificial intelligence software is.

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