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We are a physician led resource for personalized healthcare that puts YOU in the driver seat. We offer education on your best use of nutritional supplements, nutritional strategies, exercise, and lifestyle to reverse disease. We aim to remove your need for medication as we restore your innate ability to heal. Take control of your own health and engage our doctors for guidance.

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Tired of being told what to do without having a voice? Tired of being tired, achy, foggy, bloated and lost? Your life is your choice.

Get Smart.

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We’re a comprehensive physician-led resource that goes beyond conventional treatments to change lives.

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Together, let's explore scientifically validated therapies that are tailored to you & awaken your body’s innate healing abilities.

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Virtuoso Weight Loss Program

Tried "everything" but can’t lose weight? Its maddening. Let us uncover why! Let’s re-examine your unique physiology to uncover the hidden mystery. There is ALWAYS a reason and a way. We never fail and neither should you.

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Don't settle for low energy, lack of focus and aches and pains. Go further with Hippevo’s support services & tools.

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Not getting answers? Fatigue? Foggy? Stressed? Sleep? Medications?


Scientifically validated approaches that restore actual health


Someone who gets ME, to assist in the journey.


Step by step evolution to restore my body, my health.


No longer a victim I see a clear path. Alive, vital, and in control.

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Quotation Mark
“I was suffering from chronic fatigue, awakening with a body that felt like a heavy lead weight. Dr. Huber did in depth labs that discovered underlying issues that had gone undiagnosed for years. Within 3 months I was awakening feeling "refreshed" and energetic. The heavy weight feeling was replaced with new strength and stamina. After 6 months of treatment all my vital levels were dramatically improved. I finally felt like someone listened to me and explained the problem. So amazing. AJ
I completed the Virtuoso Program and discovered the type of life I had been missing. I'm in my 50's and just applied for new life insurance. They called her a Unicorn as my health screening numbers were amazing. I credit the Virtuoso program with this success. The company gave me 60% off my insurance rates for 20 years. Betsy
I had a history of Crohns colitis, treated with 2 surgeries but still had drainage and a fistula that wouldn't heal. I made the decision to change my lifestyle, my diet, and heal this myself. I have now reversed my disease and no longer have drainage, blood or mucous. This decision to take personal responsibility for change has changed my life. Sharon
I was a type 2 diabetic and was paying $470 a month for my drug Januvia. My lab numbers still too high and my disease was progressing. I made the decision to change my lifestyle and diet with the help of my HippEvo Integrative clinician and came off all medication within 3 weeks. My type 2 diabetes has evaporated. Janet

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With our integrative healthcare resources & physicians in your corner, you decide what your health looks like. Start your journey today.

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