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Are your current drug therapies depleting vital nutrients? Your membership includes access to the topic of Drug Induced Nutrient Depletions so you can learn how to reduce the potential side effects from drug therapies by restoring nutritional losses.

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Access a library of monographs, which are a top to bottom explanations of how common natural therapies work, what doses to use and any related cautions. If you like exploring the medical literature validated research, then this resource is second to none.

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Crohns & Ulcerative Colitis - Critical Defense

If you have inflammatory bowel disease then here are the critical bullet points that you need to know to defend yourself and get well.

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Exercise - The Beginners Guide

New to exercise or returning after a long layoff? This is just the info to guide you into a successful result.

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True Story - Designing your life

Paul & Jane are real patients but each chose a very different direction. Make no mistake - poor health is a CHOICE.

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Ozone Therapy - Amazing Benefits

Medical Ozone therapy offers a wide range of benefits and applications. Is it right for you?

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Stress Score - Measure It

Take a true measure of your stress and address it.

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Cognition Score - Rate your brain

Feel sharp? Memory? Mood stable? Or maybe not so much? Take steps to identify cracks in the armor of your brain.

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What is the GKI?

Learn how to measure your GKI number

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How to get your Kids to eat Vegetables

(And Adults, too!)

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Fitness Score Card - Women

How fit are you? Rate yourself on this fitness score card

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Nutrition Score Card

How healthy do you eat? Score your nutrition intake

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Carb Loaded Glucose & Insulin Challenge Test

Food choices for a non-fasting insulin lab (75 gram carbohydrate load)

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Fitness Score Card- Men

How fit are you? Rate your level

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Stem Cell Webinar

Dr. Huber and Chelsea host question about the use and application of stem cells. What are stem cells and why should I care?

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Live Webinar - Introduction

Live webinars allow you to engage with physicians in an open discussion of current hot topics.

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"Cleerly" Heart Disease Risk Measure

New technology allows us to see the "dangerous" vs safe plaque that you have formed in your coronary vessels. Best tool ever and its non-invasive.

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Meditation 101- For beginners

Learn how to meditate to reduce your stress level

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Krill Oil Vs Fish Oil

Which is better, Krill Oil or Fish Oil?

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By the Narrowest Margins- Beating Cancer

What are you doing TODAY to beat the odds?

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8 Healthy Foods that aren't Healthy

Check out these 8 foods that are marketed to be "health" foods

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Protect Your Kids IQ- Fluoride is Toxic

Read about the dangers of fluoride

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An Integrative Medical Approach To Reversing Cardiovascular Disease

A factual review of medical evidence that the cause of heart disease is NOT cholesterol and the use of statins has therefore been a failure.

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The 5x5x5 Workout

Great tool for engaging a QUICK workout option for those work weeks when time is limited.

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Interval Training: Burn more Fat and help Reverse Diabetes

Interval training is the “super charger” that can accelerate anyone’s health regardless of age or conditioning

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Stretching: Essential Element to good movement and Exercise

Stretching is key to maintaining proper joint mobility. It's key for freeing up the body which will serve to free the mind.

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Buzz Kill: Booze and Erectile Function

Excess alcohol can have a major impact on your testosterone levels and even lead to shrinking of your testicles

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Balancing your bodies pH

The body's acidity can have a marked effect on how you feel, the density of your bones, and your risk for cancer.

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Breathing Exercises

These exercises will oxygenate your cells for better energy, lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate

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Cold and Flu Supportive Elements- Kids and Adults

Dr. Huber's recommendation to help treat and prevent the cold/flu

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Eggs are Good For you

Eggs are NOT associated with risk for heart disease and in fact will aid your efforts to lose weight and reduce your risk for diabetes

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The 7 Energy Centers

A body in “balance” will naturally flow with energy, if we let it.

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Gassy and Bloated: Discussing Gluten and Celiac Risk

Is gluten-free a fad? Or a Must?

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Benefits of Exercise – The Entire Mind & Body Wins

Exercise has huge impact well beyond weight loss

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Holiday Eating - Top 10 list of Tools

Sharp tools on point for keeping the holiday bright but the waist line trim.

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Myers Cocktail - IV Therapy Home Run

A Myer's Cocktail is a classic mix of minerals and vitamins given by IV to serve a broad array of medical issues. Explore its potential to enhance your health.

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Coherence vs Chaos

Harmonious function engaging brain + heart + immune system + breath + hormones leads to FLOW. Exploring the science and measuring your coherence.

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Heart Rate VARIABILITY - Part 2

How to use “Elite HRV” APP and interpret readings.

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Heart Rate VARIABILITY - Part 1

What is heart rate VARIABILITY and why should I bother? It’s the single best tool to show your overall health status.

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Thymic Peptides – Restoring Immune Strength

The thymus gland is critical to longevity. This gland trains your white blood cells and produces hormones to regulate your immune system.

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BPC-157 is a natural protein your body makes to repair and restore damaged tissue. It has broad reach to enhance longevity.

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Peptide Therapy – the future of healing

Peptide therapy stimulates healing and slow the rate of aging

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Epitalon – tiny peptide with huge impact

Melatonin and the pineal gland have huge roles to play well beyond simple sleep. Learn the broad impact Epitalon has to offer

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Mouth Taping to Enhance Nasal Breathing and Nitric Oxide.

Get rid of SNORING with a 2 cent piece of tape. Sound odd? Yes it is but it's backed by scientific study and works right now.

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High Intensity Intervals “Tabata” & “Peak 8” - tools for enhancing VO2 Max

The challenge of sprinting brings huge reward. Live longer. Live better. Push yourself to elevate VO2 Max.

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VO2 Max is a vital sign- why ignore it?

Low VO2 max strongly correlates with higher risk of a long list of serious conditions, including heart disease, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression, and Type 2 diabetes

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Mouth Taping - How and Why

HOW TO use simple medical grade tape to stop snoring.

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Sleep Hygiene – How to cultivate better sleep

This is your START POINT to explore sleep issues. Let us walk you down the path to unraveling issues and restoring deep sleep.

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Sleep Score Card

How good are you sleep?

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Wearable devices are not accurate for measuring sleep quality

How are we to measure sleep quality and duration? With a wearable device such as FitBit, Whoop or Oura ring? Not even close.

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How to Fix Your Sleep Issues

6 tips to fix your sleep issues

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Metatrol PRO - Cancer Treatment

Access to the medical literature as it details effectiveness of Metatrol Pro in the treatment of cancer.

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Shingles - Prevention & Treatment

You can act now to reduce your risk of ever getting this painful skin infection.

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Bryon Lost 105 lbs in 8 Months

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Mission Statement - Why Am I Here?

I ask this question of most of my patients, friends, and family at some point, “Do you have a Mission Statement?” 99.8% of the time I get a confused look, a wrinkled brow, a few words perhaps and generally a resounding “no”.

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Your Paradigm - The Single Most Significant Hurdle Standing Between You and Your Goals

Your belief system, the "rules" you have created for yourself are the ONLY hurdles in life that mean anything. "I know what I am supposed to do but i just don't follow through." Why? We have all said it and for some of us it is crippling our life. Here are a few helpful thoughts as you redefine

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Top 10 Habits That Guarantee a Successful Life

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Sweat & Electrolytes – Understanding how to manage it

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Heart Rate Monitors - Options

A look at all the options that exist to monitor your heart rate. From Fit-Bit to Pulse-Ox, Wahoo and Apple what cool tools are at your disposal.

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Big Fat Surprise - Part 3

No woman should ever eat a low fat diet! Surprised? Then tune in and get smart as industry has been causing women problems for decades.

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VO2 Max - 8 Minute Test

If you truly want to measure your level of "fitness" then this simple field test will give you keen insight and help guide training.

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Big Fat Surprise - Part 2

This is Part 2 of a series looking at the truth versus myth of dietary fat. The book by Nina Teicholz of the same name is a terrific exploration of how we have been manipulated by industry and government into believing myths fabricated in order to sell how harmful foods.

Read More

Big Fat Surprise - Part 1

This is Part 1 of a series looking at the book by Nina Teicholz, "The Big Fat Surprise" that explores the truth versus myth of dietary fat. What you don't know may be causing you harm right now.

Read More

Mind Body Mission Course - A Description

How can you arrive at your destination if you don't have a map? Finding the joy, calm and happiness in daily events come easily when you are truly connected to your core being.

Read More

Tracking Habits to Radically Change Your Results – Part 1

Anything in your life that you deem important, you have tracked. You can NOT manage or improve something until you measure it. What gets measured gets done.

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Understanding NAD and its Benefits as an Anti-Aging and Restorative Tool

NAD is a critical piece of our cells ability to restore and heal. It is essential for longevity and optimal health and now we can directly impact it.

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Ketogenic "FAT" Coffee (How to video)

How to make delicious "FAT" coffee for a ketogenic diet, using MCT oil & collagen.

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Classic Food Elimination Trial

Home based test you can do to identify allergic foods.

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Dirty Dozen vs Clean 15

You could easily reduce the pesticide and herbicide content of your food 80% by avoiding the "Dirty Dozen". Organic matters.

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Coherence: Heart Rate Variability & Coherent Breathing

Getting your body to cooperate and work together.

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10 Simple steps to permanent weight loss. Welcome to L.E.A.D.-ville

Simple steps taken consistently make a long journey easy and enjoyable. Stop struggling and start relaxing into weight loss.

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Fructose – troublesome nutrient driving disease

Fructose from fruit is a very powerful driver for weight gain. Ask any hibernating bear.

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Beating Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer - Paul's Story

Paul was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and engaged integrative treatment strategies combined with traditional chemo and surgery. He has accomplished a radical remission and is cancer free.

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Heart Rate Variability Introduction & Explanation

The accent here is on VARIABILITY not simply heart rate. This is a key variable that can literally tell you the status of your health and heart. A way of predicting problems long before they arise.

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What is Gluten & Celiac disease?

Gluten-Free labels can be seen on an ever growing avalanche of food products. Why? What’s wrong with gluten and what the heck is Celiac disease? Get the simple answers.

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Are you creating ALL of your own stress?

If stress drives most of your ills and pain then why would you decide to generate more stress for yourself? Great question. Here is part of the answer.

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