Reinventing Myself - Healing

By: Dr. Gary Huber

Posted 09/11/2023

If you hold a desire to lose weight, stop smoking, get in shape or make any meaningful change to your current station in life then you need to create new beliefs and habits that support that desire. This seems like common sense but the “HOW” is what eludes most of us. It is your “limbic brain” that drives your choices and behaviors. The limbic brain represents your “gut feelings”, and your true beliefs. If you create a vision of what you want and infuse this vision with passion and belief, and revisit that vision daily until it feels real then it will become real. It will replace old ideas and become your new reality. But it takes effort and consistency. The “HOW” is discussed below in great actionable detail. If you have been talking about making a change but lacked results then stop talking about it and start taking action. Ready – set – go. 


We THINK we know what happened 5 minutes ago, yesterday, or last year but our brain is great at filling in details “we desire” versus the facts. Or sometimes filtering what we saw and heard through past experiences and thus creating a strong bias that can be in our favor but just as often, NOT in our favor. We very rarely live in the real world and see it as it truly is, and far too often we shade and color the perceptions of our existence. Studies show that we often create most of our own pain by giving a negative slant to how we think the world sees us, judges us, and talks about us. Or we overestimate our importance, stature, and position to fuel our ego. 
The following exercise is to help you create a reality that is true to who you desire to be. It will enumerate the simple steps taken to create a new future that fits your mission statement. But that thought is based upon the assumption that you have formed and written a personal mission statement.  It’s not magic or pixie dust but is in fact using the science of how our minds work to our best advantage. This process works because this is how you mind works. BELEIFS, habits, ritual and repetition go into forming how you think and behave. So, let’s use it to refine and shift your personal experience in this world to suit the life you desire. 

You are a robot, sleep-walking through this world, repeating the same actions, thoughts and behaviors that have been hardwired into you through PAST experiences. If we never become truly AWAKE and AWARE, then we will come to the end of our days without ever reaching our true potential. This has nothing to do with money or power or any of that superficial stuff. Your potential for being fully human, fully conscious, and truly happy in this life depends on you developing a path to meet it.  To do so we need to break out of our coma, habits and redundant patterns take on a new mindset. Relax. This is not brainwashing from some cult leader. This is YOU reprogramming YOU. You get to be the best version of you, and this is the fastest way to get there. 


Goal & Steps: create a vision for the future that you are emotionally excited about.
VISION:  Create a new version of yourself with a whole new future. SEE it. 
•    This is your “Mission statement”. It needs to be rich with emotion, color and passion. If you have not yet written your Mission Statement then please see the the Mind Body Mission course on for guidance. 
•    Play the future in your mind over and over. Repetition, over and over, so that the body is prepared for the experience. Priming the body for it. See it and FEEL it. 
•    Write it down.  Write it with specific and fine details to make it REAL.
•    Examples to follow are discussed next.  

EMOTION:  Emotion is key. Elevated state of emotion is critical. 
•    Generate energy through emotion in order to create new circuits in the brain. Get excited. If you’re not excited then it means that you don't really want this. 
•    This energy is not engaged DURING the meditation but is required when you WRITE the vision out. Emotion is needed in the writing. 
•    Fall in love with your vision (your Mission). Believe in it. Expect it to happen. This is going to be awesome. A directional change that will improve not only my life but the world as I re-enter humanity offering a better energy. 

ACTIONS:   Clear intention for different actions and different emotions.
•    Rehearse those action in your mind ahead of time. You are familiar with the actions and behaviors that have led to pain and disappointment in your past so target them specifically. Write them down in detail so you become acutely aware of them. Awareness is the first step. 
•    How am I going to act, speak and behave in my new paradigm. REHEARSE it. Write it down in detail that makes sense to you. You are the only author and executor of these actions so make them YOURS. 
•    Example: I am impatient which is a reflex based in anger that is deep seated and this drives my pain on a daily basis. ACTION: Here is exactly what I plan to do the next time I sense that I am angry or impatient: I will take 3 belly breaths. I will use these few seconds to step back from the situation and reassess. I will ask myself if there is a different way to interpret this situation? I will ask myself if this “anger” is serving me or hurting me? I will then choose to love whoever is in front of me with all of my heart and offer them assistance in their journey. How can I be of service here? Work from heart, not from my knee jerk emotions. 
•    Example: I make frequent judgements of my surroundings with a harsh mind that seeks to find fault and blame others. ACTION:  as I see my own judgement appear in my mind I will ask myself, “if this judgement was a visible bubble above my head for all to see would I be proud of it?” Is this judgement based on selfish desire or loving kindness? I will see the judgement for what it is, my stupidity based on my past experiences, a negative energy that darkens my soul and poisons the pool of humanity. I will seek instead to understand, offer kindness and acceptance, realizing that no one needs my judgement. Everyone deserves my love and compassion. That’s the bubble I wish to display above my head. 
•    Rehearse this in your mind over and over and over until it is your default mode action. It has to FEEL REAL. So automatic that it is in fact AUTOMATIC. 

MEDITATION:  Meditation to engage this vision and relive it over and over until its real
•    This type of meditation is quieting the mind, leaving old, repeated thoughts, and opening up to the quantum field with every breath, bringing in your intention for a new life, a new reality
•    Acceptance without limits. Believe that this version of you already exists in the quantum field and you are simply allowing that energy to enter and occupy you. 
•    Mental rehearsal has been studied and been proven to be a powerful tool. When Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods report stories of visualization we nod in amazement. It is time to engage this tool for our own development. Breath it in. Acceptance that this is real. This is the new me. 
•    Meditation is our attempt to lower our brain waves from active beta wave of thinking and doing, down into alpha or theta waves. Alpha and theta waves are slower, calmer, and represent the state in which our brain is most receptive to new ideas, change and new programs. More discussion on this later. 

Concepts to fuel understanding
COHERENCE:  you need to be able to lower the brain waves to alpha and theta waves
•    This is the brain wave of the subconscious mind and this is where we reprogram our subconscious. Need to get good at HeartMath coherence. See the video, “Coherence vs Chaos” on
•    A coherent brain & heart is required and takes practice.
•    Use breathwork – “4780” to help drive this state of being. See the article on belly breathing and breathwork. Simple practice makes this come to life quickly and easily. 

CONSCIOUS:  Become conscious of every thought, mood and choice. 
•    Stay AWARE all day long. This is not easy but is necessary. 
•    It is easy to fall back into unconscious habits. Be on ALERT. Stay vigilant. 
But if you fail . . . so what simply try again. And again. You will get better. 
•    Use the “Repeat Timer” APP ($6.95/lifetime) as a way to start this process. Repetition is critical for success. Develop awareness as you primary skill for change. 
•    My timer reminds me that is is time to go back to the LABB = “Listen - Aware - Breathe - Be”.

UNCOMFORTABLE:  Be comfortable with being UNcomfortable.  
•    This new way of living and feeling is unfamiliar and scary. OK. So what. Bring it on. Excited and ready for change. 
•    Your OLD EGO will not easily accept this new paradigm. It will fight you to “go back” to what is familiar and safe. Your ego will convince you that “This new idea is threatening and scary”. Better to be safe and miserable than to explore new possibility, says the ego that lives to create your pain. 

Get up every day inspired by your new mission. Review and rehearse your ideas, your actions and BELIEFS until it is REAL. Practice. Be kind to yourself and don’t expect perfection but hold opportunism that your energies will pay rich dividends. Refuse to allow any person, any circumstance or anything in your life to remove you from your vision and mission. FEEL it. Then simply walk into it and BE it. 


Being defined by a vision of the future is a great reason to wake up in the morning.
•    Before you start your day, as you lie in bed – “tame the animal within” 
•    What is the greatest expression of myself I can be today? Start by targeting the past.

  • Write down 2 past thoughts that are NOT going to slip by my awareness 
  • Ex:  Being judgmental of people.  Finding fault or being critical.  Labeling someone as stupid or incompetent. 
  • What are 2 past behaviors I want to change today. Let me stay conscious ALL DAY
  • Ex: Feeling rushed or behind.  Treating life like it is an “emergency”.
    Focused on small things rather than the larger more significant things. 
  •  What are 2 past emotions that I refuse to engage.   Don't go unconscious. 
  • Ex: Frustration, anger, envy, impatience, feeling overwhelmed.

Keep evolving your experience. Be willing to explore what you don’t know or what the universe has to offer that you were previously unaware of.  Choose to be happy by choosing to know yourself and create a better version of yourself. Love yourself, and love everyone around you at all times. This is a life worth living. 

My List of things I need
1.    My vision of the future. Write it out. Make is so exciting you fall in love with it. This is your “Mission statement”. Read it EVERY day. As you are starting out, read it 2 or 3 times per day. Have it handy as a file on your phone, laptop, or iPad so it is with you easily all day long.
Standing in line wasting time?  Great, read your mission statement. 

2.    Old disabling beliefs I want to change or extinguish:  write it down
•    Emotions:
•    Behaviors / Actions / Habits:
•    Thoughts: 

3.    New Paradigm:  how I will think, act, and feel moving forward. 
•    Emotions:
•    Behaviors / Actions / Habits:
•    Thoughts: 

4.    Rehearse those actions thoughts, and beliefs until they feel real and natural. You have written these down for quick daily review. They will soon be wired into your neural network and no longer need review. Thoughts that fire together – wire together. New neural networks form. Repetition. 

5.    Coherence – practice eliciting a good coherent state using “HeartMath” and breath work. Plan to practice using HeartMath for 10 minutes per day until you can accomplish >80% green at level 3. See the video “Coherence vs Chaos”. A tool for success. 

6.    Meditation – engage meditation and as you fall into an easy, alert, coherent meditation engage your vision. See it. Breath it in. Accept and allow that vision that you have created to enter you and become your experience. 
•    Now get up and walk into it as your present life. Your new reality.
•    It already exists in the quantum field so simple engage it. Believe it. 

Start with one small habit that you would like to change. Focus on something specific so it feels manageable. Examples: stop smoking, eat less sugar, stop drinking alcohol, exercise daily, reduce feelings of overwhelm, become more patient, etc. Don’t bite off too much for your first approach. Now use this one issue that you have targeted to get good at this technique. 


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