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Heart Rate VARIABILITY - Part 2

How to use “Elite HRV” APP and interpret readings.

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Coherence vs Chaos

Harmonious function engaging brain + heart + immune system + breath + hormones leads to FLOW. Exploring the science and measuring your coherence.

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Heart Rate VARIABILITY - Part 1

What is heart rate VARIABILITY and why should I bother? It’s the single best tool to show your overall health status.

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Thymic Peptides – Restoring Immune Strength

The thymus gland is critical to longevity. This gland trains your white blood cells and produces hormones to regulate your immune system.

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BPC-157 is a natural protein your body makes to repair and restore damaged tissue. It has broad reach to enhance longevity.

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Epitalon – tiny peptide with huge impact

Melatonin and the pineal gland have huge roles to play well beyond simple sleep. Learn the broad impact Epitalon has to offer

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