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Big Fat Failure – Big Fat Teacher

Failure is such a great teacher . . . if you are willing to be a student

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ONE POUND Holiday Program

Eat all of your favorite holiday treats and still lose weight. Possible? Absolutely. All that is required is the right strategy.

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Artificial Sweeteners

Find out why fake sugar will make you gain weight and crave more calories

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VO2 Max calculation for Bike

Ken Coopers famous 12 minute run test doesn't offer a classic VO2 Max conversion equation for the same test using a bike so this is a table that makes a close approximation for bikers.

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Reinventing Myself - Healing

A meaningful step wise approach to remove old bad habits and install new ideals the truly redirect the path you are on.

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Fasting - How and Why

Discussion of the physiology of fasting, why it is key to good health and how to implement this habit for ideal health.

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