Immune System Support

Sublingual Immune Therapy

Reversing allergies just got a lot simpler and less painful. Liquid drops under your tongue can reprogram your immune response.

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Classic Food Elimination Trial

Home based test you can do to identify allergic foods.

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Crohns & Ulcerative Colitis - Critical Defense

If you have inflammatory bowel disease then here are the critical bullet points that you need to know to defend yourself and get well.

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Shingles - Prevention & Treatment

You can act now to reduce your risk of ever getting this painful skin infection.

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Cold and Flu Supportive Elements- Kids and Adults

Dr. Huber's recommendation to help treat and prevent the cold/flu

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Cold Exposure for Health

Jumping into a cold ice bath or a cold shower has tremendous health benefits. It stimulates a heathy immune response, lowers blood sugar and even fuels weight loss. Learn both the HOW and the WHY of cold exposure.

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Myers Cocktail - IV Therapy Home Run

A Myer's Cocktail is a classic mix of minerals and vitamins given by IV to serve a broad array of medical issues. Explore its potential to enhance your health.

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