Cold Exposure for Health

By: Dr. Gary Huber & Chelsea Dorsett R.D. LD.

Posted 07/21/2023

Sorry to bust grandma's bubble but going out in the cold without a jacket does NOT give you a cold. In fact it stimulates your cold fighting immune system to work better. 

The concept of cold exposure has been studied rigorously with some pretty amazing results. When we expose ourselves to the cold our bodies respond by stimulating a survival response that is very valuable. Our cells generate a series of proteins called Sirtuins that are associated with longevity. Sirtuins drive the cell to perform as a “younger” more efficient cell. Glucose and insulin utilization is optimized thus reducing risk for diabetes and promoting good health and longevity.

Benefits of cold exposure:

  • Stimulates immune system killer cells - stronger immune response
  • Reduces blood sugar and insulin - better blood sugar control
  • Weight loss is enhanced
  • Brown fat (healthy) increases and burns more unhealthy white fat
  • Sirtuins increase - younger physiology
  • Fights depression and moodiness
  • Reduces body inflammation
  • Parasympathetic rebound leads to mental clarity that is CALM.

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