Coherence vs Chaos

By: Dr. Gary Huber

Posted 11/25/2022

When you are stressed, overhwlemed, overscheduled and over committed your body learn a pattern of chaotic function. Your brain and heart are not on speaking terms and life feels difficult and loaded with friction. Getting your heart and brain to fall into a smooth cooperative consistent rhythm along with your breathing and other bidy systems begins to generate FLOW. Flow is a state of immense pleasure as things feel effortless. You are productive but without the "pressure" as your body isnt fighting itself. This video will discuss the concept of coherence and show you how to use a tool by HeartMath called "Inner Balance". This is a type of training used to enhance HRV (Heart Rate Variability). Bringing this concept and apporach into your life will generate better health, reduce risk of disease and enhance your mental and cognitive capacity. It will quite simply make life more pleasant. 

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