Sleep Hygiene – How to cultivate better sleep

By: Dr. Gary Huber and Chelsea Dorsett

Posted 10/26/2022

Most people don’t make sleep a priority. Instead we simply allow our busy day to spill into our sleep time thus eroding our rest as we endure fatigue and mental dullness the following day. Sleep is one of the most precious gifts you will ever give yourself. It is the key to aging slowly and staying vibrant. Those that sleep well live longer and healthier lives.  Stating that your sleep is “okay” is a relative term and needs to be better defined and accurately measured

Step 1: Take the Sleep Score questionnaire and identify areas of weakness.

Step 2: Read the How to Fix Your Sleep Issues article and take action to repair and restore.

Step 3: Can I trust my FitBit, Apple or Whoop measure of my sleep? The short answer is NO but read the article  Wearables to learn what the science shows.

Step 4: If further inquiry is needed then explore the article on home-based sleep studies that offer a simple less obtrusive exploration of your physiology.

A great sleep pattern looks like this: 7.5 hours or longer, without awakenings (no bathroom trips), dreaming every night without snoring and awakening refreshed. If this is not your typical experience then we have great news and healthy solutions so that this can become your experience. Excellent sleep is a critical tool for good health and longevity. Don’t give it away.

Realize that sleeping throughout the night is possible, waking up feeling energize is achievable and accepting anything other than superb sleep is doing damage to your health. Here is a short list of where to start:

  1. Avoid all electronic devices 2 hours before bed. Computers, iPad, and phones emit blue light that simulates the mind. Chill out. The day is OVER. Relax into evening.
  2. Black & Cool: keep your bedroom devoid of ANY light and keep the temperature cool.
  3. No coffee after 2PM
  4. Exercise daily but avoid exercise in the evening as this will increase your cortisol.
  5. Alcohol interferes with sound sleep. One drink is the max and not every night.
  6. Learn to quiet your mind. Articles on our site discuss “Stillness” and “Belly breathing” as tools.  Meditation ideas and tools are also very helpful.


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