Understanding NAD and its Benefits as an Anti-Aging and Restorative Tool

By: Dr. Gary Huber

Posted 05/06/2022

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is an essential cofactor in all living cells. It is one the key elements that drives energy production in every human cell thus allowing that cell to perform at its highest potential. A lack or depletion of NAD has been associated with the classic signs of aging as the body loses its ability to heal and repair the day to day wear and tear. This loss of NAD level leads to metabolic dysfunction such as diabetes and weight gain. It also contributes to higher risk for cancer and Alzheimers. When we look at the top 10 disease states that cause death we see that “aging” is the primary cause. Deal with aging effectively and these diseases have very little potential to exist.

Impact of NAD

  • Anti-aging effect
  • Improve cardiac issues: lowered blood
         pressure and reduce aortic stiffness
  • Clear brain fog
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Metabolic function –
         glucose & cholesterol control
  • Boost energy
  • Memory & concentration
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Superior immune support
  • Detox & cleanse
  • Support addiction recovery

Emerging evidence implicates that elevation of NAD levels may slow or even reverse the aspects of aging and also delay the progression of age-related diseases. Boosting NAD levels offers a promising therapeutic strategy to counter aging and it’s associated illness. This idea has already been proven in animal studies and is currently being explored in human trials.

NAD is involved in fundamental biological processes such as metabolism, cell signaling, gene expression, DNA repair, and the production of energy. There are 7 “Sirtuin” proteins within each cell that serve to keep the cell young and repair its DNA. These magical sirtuins are dependent on the presence of NAD in order to function. As we age, our ability to generate NAD gets more and more sluggish and thus the cell slows down and behaves like an older, less efficient cell.


How can we engage change?

David Sinclair published a book called “Lifespan” in 2019 in which he details the discovery that his Harvard lab made regarding cellular aging, sirtuins and the role of NAD. He and others have convincingly showed that we do indeed have ways we can influence how our cells perform and can in fact impact the process of aging. Age-dependent decline in NAD levels are now being targeted with direct therapy such as the use of Resveracel and Niacel, a combination of NAD precursors. The use of Ozone treatments are a powerful way to stimulate greater NAD levels. And lastly, the direct infusion of NAD as a direct agent. NAD is currently being used as a direct IV treatment administered here in our office or as subcutaneous injections that you can administer yourself at home.


Is this safe and effective?

In human trials, a dose dependent response has been measured in the blood. Taking NAD precursors lead to a 2.7 fold rise in blood levels of NAD without adverse effects. There are still more studies to do and details to unfold but the early indication is that NAD is clearly a piece to the aging puzzle. It’s not a panacea or a stand-alone treatment but when combined with reasonable lifestyle changes, exercise, fasting and a health diet, it is a strong tool in our desire to maintain our strength, vitality and performance as we move forward in time.

Yes, I want to get older, but I have no interest in “aging”. I want to enjoy life to its fullest and keep performing at my best without decay over time. That's Longevity.

For more information on Ozone therapy see the short video and accompanying articles on my website, Huberpm.com.

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