Fitness Score Card

By: Dr. Gary Huber

Posted 01/24/2024

Fitness Score

There are 6 challenges listed below to test your overall aerobic fitness and your general strength. The total of those 6 scores will help guide your understanding of your overall fitness and allow you to adjust your exercise regimen to optimize health and longevity. What gets measured gets done.


Simply add up your total points – that's your score. There are only 6 scores to total.  
Perfect score = 100.  
•    A score between 90 & 100 reflects that you are aging slower than your stated age. 
•    A score of 80 to 90 represents good basic fitness and you are aging as expected.
•    A score of 70 to 80 represents that you might be aging FASTER than normal.
•    A score of <70 reflects the need for some correction to avoid growing problems. 

The score is not who you are. It simply reflects a moment in time and is infinitely modifiable. You can turn any score into a 90+ with simple consistent effort and mental commitment to growth.

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