VO2 Max calculation for Bike

By: Dr. Gary Huber

Posted 09/14/2023

Assessing VO2 Max with the Cooper 12-minute time trial – on the BIKE

He doesn't offer a true VO2 Max number but does grade results by age and general performance level.  As with any time trial, warm up thoroughly before hand and once you start it is an all-out effort.  100% the fastest you can travel for 12 minutes. 

Based on running equivalents my best guess comparison for biking reads as follows:
Example: if you are male 25 years old and you covered 5.7 miles that would rate as “excellent” on the chart above and would equate to a VO2 max of 51.3 or higher. 
                AGE                             Approx VO2 Max based on chart above
•    Male age 20-29    Excellent: 51.3 and above      Poor=VO2 of 31.1
•    Male age 30-39    Excellent: 49.0 and above      Poor=27.8
•    Male age 40-49    Excellent:  47 and above        Poor=VO2 Max - 25
•    Male age 50-59    Excellent:   45 and above       Poor=23
•    Male age >60       Excellent:   43 and above.       Poor=21


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