The 7 Energy Centers

By: Dr. Gary Huber

Posted 12/19/2022

In a world where the most common complaint is “I am so tired” and the most popular beverage is 5 hour energy drinks ($4 for 2 ounces) I think a review of how we manufacture energy is important. A body in “balance” will naturally flow with energy if we let it. Most of us interfere with this natural flow of energy by engaging in an excessively over committed personal schedule of “Must Do’s” that quite frankly pulls us in the opposite direction from our stated desires. The consistent application of stress, worry, anger, frustration, complaining, panic and frantic business will destroy any chance of peace, joy, happiness and love. Not fun. So a basic understanding of body dynamics is in order. 

Number 1 – Hypothalamic-Pituitary axis (HP): is the center of our brain, the Intel inside. It governs ALL of the endocrine (hormone) function of the body. It senses the degree of stress we are under and based on this alters sex hormones, thyroid performance, insulin and glucose and sleep quality. Mess with it and you will pay a price. Nurture it and you will age gracefully and enjoy all the fruits that this world has to offer. 
•    Understanding – compassion and acceptance of this world and feeling connected as one unified energy with all living things is the clearest path to life free of stress. 

Number 2 – Pineal gland: is very close to the HP-axis and responsible for making melatonin and several metabolites of melatonin that open our mind to a world of imagination. Melatonin is more than a sleep signal, it is a powerful antioxidant and anti-histamine. It is part of our immune system defense. Melatonin converts into other chemicals that allow us to imagine things beyond our senses and have fantastic dreams. Without it our brain is subject to greater risk for Alzheimers. 
•    The “Knower” clues us into time and rhythm. It knows when to sleep and restore. We violate that understanding with computers, light and worry creating disruption and a loss of energy.

Number 3 – Thyroid gland: is centered in out throat around the Adams apple, our voice box, and produces thyroid hormone that activates every cell in our body. Without thyroid function we would not die but life would be flat and lifeless. If we stress the HP then the thyroid gets taken off-line and its activity is halted. When life is in flow the thyroid dances and awakens our best life full of energy, love and connection. 
•    This function Speaks to every cell, giving instruction to go to work. Every cell operates at peak efficiency when this energetic nudge is allowed to flow. 

Number 4 – Heart: is centered in our chest and is the window to the soul. The heart is the seat of all emotion and the portal through which we feel and connect to the human experience. No one ever saw a cute baby and put their hands over their brain, they pulled their hands to their heart and swooned with delight. The heart sends a 100 times more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. The energy coming from the heart when measured is 1000 times more powerful than any energy the brain could possibly produce. 
•    Love is felt and pours from this area of our body. To think of the heart as a dumb pump is to look at your mother as simply your gestational start. It is the doorway to all that matters.

Number 5 – Adrenal glands: sit atop the kidneys in your solar plexus and receive orders from the HP. Stress drives cortisol production to allow us to “fight or flee”. This life saving response is intended to be engaged rarely and briefly yet many of us live lives that require cortisol in large amount regularly. Thus, the imbalance. Without flow and balance, this life-giving cortisol becomes the messenger of dome and decay. Cortisol in high amounts will literally melt bone, muscle, and brain and drive inflammatory disease. 
•    Doing, going, achieving is possible under the support of cortisol from the adrenals. Cortisol is the king of energy but also the devil of destruction if used in excess. To balance and restore is key.

Number 6 – Gut & Immune: this is your belly, your gut and your intestines. This is the seat of the immune system and your window to the world as everything you ingest passes through you, and depends on the gut to extract the magic energy. If the world insults our immune system the whole body feels the shock wave: autoimmune disease, allergy, inflammation, congestion, and even cancer. 
•    Ever had a Gut feeling? A sense of things? Violate this key source of energy with sugar, chemicals and alcohol and you will undo your energetic flow. 

Number 7 – Reproductive system (Ovaries & Testicles): the reproductive system is a center for joy and rebirth but also hedonistic pleasures that are devoid of meaning. A life focused on pleasure is shallow in purpose. This center is key in restoring and repairing tissue and systems. Healthy testosterone and estrogen lead to a strong heart, brain, and tissue. But alas it is not essential for life and so the victim of assault by high cortisol (HPA) levels. Again, stress kills in so many ways. A stressed body will not make adequate hormones. Mother nature only allows for conception in times of safety. If danger, stress or unrest abound then these restorative hormones are tucked away for another time. 

These are the systems that contribute to good consistent radiant energy. What are we doing on a daily basis to unintentionally destroy them but also what are we intentionally doing each day to build and restore flow and balance? 

Let’s go to work to restore this. Let’s agree that balance is key and living in the modern age requires an understanding of ENERGY that doesn't come in a 2 ounce bottle. 

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