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Virtuso Program

Become the Master of Your Mind and Body

Get a fresh start today. Our 14-week program has every tool you need for success, from your initial assessment to ongoing expert guidance from a registered dietician.

Program Benefits

Health assesment & biometric measures

Creation of your personalized program with targets

Weekly meetings & accountablility with registered dietician

Grocery store tour - truly looking at food for the first time

Cooking demonstrations

Mind-Body Mission Course - 5-Part online video series.

Recipe access - Paleo, Keto, snacks, meals and more.

Food sensitivity assessment and testing.

Tracking Journal to help set longterm habits

Health "Passport" - handy pocket guide of critical reminders.

Discount on all supplements to accelerate results.

B12 injections available if desired

Be a Virtuoso

Soar to new heights by building new lifelong habits that are 100% tailored to your needs. Virtuoso’s science-backed approach is gimmick free and produces real results.

14-Week Starter

Our 14-week, physician led nutrition program is personalized to your goals, whether it’s weight loss, heart health, restoring energy or longevity.

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Our maintenance program includes ongoing education, accountability and progress checks. Plus, be part of an engaging community to support your new lifestyle choices.

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