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Gary Huber, D.O.
Address 8170 Corporate Park Drive Suite 150, Cincinnati OH, 45242, United States
Work Phone Phone: (513) 924-5300
Work Fax (513) 351-3800
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After 20 years as a board-certified emergency medicine physician I could see the shortcomings of traditional medicine. In an emergency, we are amazing but if asked “How to get healthy or reverse disease” the traditional drug-based model doesn't have a clue. I had to shift my practice into integrative medicine if I was going to fulfill my mission of helping people find their ideal health and not be dependent on increasing drug regimens. I am in love with my work. I love seeing people awaken to their own power and take control for amazing change in their lives. Practicing across a broad, comprehensive range of issues allows me to see things that the specialist might miss. Being hyper focused on ONE symptom or system doesn't allow you to see the overall balance. We look at everything from your past history, past traumas, mindset, mood, sleep, diet, stress, exercise and more to understand the WHY behind the symptom. That is the only way to get to the truth.


  • Medical school – Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Graduated top 10%.
  • Residency – Doctors Hospital, Columbus, Ohio – Board certified in Emergency Medicine. Chief Resident Honor.
  • Integrative Medicine professor – American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, University of South Florida and George Washington University’s Metabolic Medicine Institute.
  • Clinical Professor and Preceptor - University of Cincinnati, College of Pharmacy
  • Clinical Professor and Preceptor – Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Board Certified Integrative Medicine Practitioner thru American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine and Metabolic Medicine Institute
  • Author of “Breast Health – How To Avoid Breast Cancer”, an e-book offering women guidance on breast health to avoid breast cancer
  • Author – Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular disease: a look at the mechanism that drives this inflammatory process. Part 1 – Understanding the metabolic problem. Published in the Townsend Letter medical journal, May 2013
  • Author  - Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular disease: Testing & Treatment. Part 2 – Quantifying risk and review of treatment options. Published in the Townsend Letter medical journal, June 2013
  • Author – Safe & Effective Ergogenic Approaches to Advancing Sports Performance and Health. Published in the Townsend Letter medical journal in 2014. 
  • Author - Can Endurance Sports Really Cause Harm? The lipopolysaccharides of endotoxemia and their effect on the heart. Published in the Townsend Letter medical journal in 2015
  • Author – Integrative Treatment Approach To Cardiovascular Disease. Published in the Townsend Letter medical journal, May 2016.
  • Author – Testosterones Beneficial Impact on Cardiovascular Health. Published in Townsend Letter medical journal, May 2017
  • Author - Progesterone use as hormone replacement therapy:
    myths, facts and solutions. 
    Published in Townsend Letter medical journal, 2019.
  • AWARD: Dr. Huber was honored with a “Leadership Award” by Cincinnati based Venue magazine for his work in integrative medicine.   2014
  • AWARD: Honored with the “Best In Medicine” award from the American Health Council in 2017. Awarded for his contributions to the advancement of integrative medical care and active education role.
  • Founding member of “Hey Coach”, a charitable organization that delivers lectures to grade school and high school students about the dangers of steroid use while offering healthy strategies for optimizing sports and academic performance.
  • Medical director for the Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati, Ohio – 2001 & 2002. 

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